In my classroom Reading is one of my pull-out groups.  I typically have a group of four-five students during this time.  When the students come to my classroom, they will find that the two tables have been set up with activities along with a name card letting the students know which table they should work at.  At one table, there is a group reading with me and the other table is doing independent work.

The independent work is a range of hands on activities that work on the following skills:
~Letters and Sounds
~Beginning Sound Identification
~CVC Practice
~Sight Word Practice
When students finish their independent work, they can chose a bin from the Green (Literacy) choice shelf which provides further practice in the skills listed above.

During my reading group we begin by reading the title, taking a picture walk through the book, looking for learned Sight Words, read the book, and do an extension activity.  I typically meet with my reading group for about fifteen minutes.  Below is a link to my Guided Reading Packet.  Included in the packet is a binder cover, running record form, home-school envelope, lesson plan format, observation sheet, and Sight Word Practice sheets (a school and home version).

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