In my classroom Math is one of my pull-out groups.  I typically have a group of four-five students during this time.  When the students come to my classroom, they will find that the two tables have been set up with activities along with a name card letting the students know which table they should work at.  At each table students are engaged in independent work.  This allows me the chance to work one-to-one with students or in a small group.  

The independent work is a range of hands on activities that work on the following skills:
~Number Identification
~Counting Objects
~Addition Practice
~Measurement Practice
~Pattern Work
When students finish their independent work, they can chose a bin from the Blue (Math) choice shelf which provides further practice in the skills listed above.

The following observation sheet has helped me organize my observations.  Click on the picture to download it for free!Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 10.21.05 PM