Motivation struck!

Over the pst few days  have found myself creating, inspired, and planning for the new year!  I told myself I was going to wait until we got back from our family vacation in July to begin back to school mode.  That did not happen! Instead I took the time to enjoy being with my daughter doing day trips, crafts, and just having fun.  It wasn’t until I got a Welcome email form my principal that I felt ready to think school.

As part of my motivation, I created banners for my room with “have courage”, and “Be kind”.  As I was creating these banners, my theme started to become clear; fun, colorful, motivating.  Not only could my students benefit from a motivating theme, but so could I.  We as teachers spend more time in our classroom than in our own homes so why not be motivated.

I have also been thinking of using a moveable word wall this year.  I have been reading up on it and it seems like something that would work for my students.  I have alway felt a traditional word wall did not fully benefit my students.  They were always unsure of what to do (no matter how many times I modeled it) or just completely overwhelmed by it. The moveable word wall allows a more targeted approach and more interaction with sight words.

That is al I have for tonight; Patriots start their preseason tonight so off to watch them play! Go Pats!!

Until next time…

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